Brockwell Park Conservation Area


The Society has responded to an appraisal by Lambeth which, if followed, will see the enlargement of the Brockwell Park Conservation Area. In particular the appraisal recommends the inclusion of the area around the station, but is silent on extending the Conservation Area to include the Cressingham Gardens Estate on the Tulse Hill edge of Brockwell Park. Here is the Society’s response [PDF]

Linked to the issue of whether the Cressingham Gardens Estate should be added to the Brockwell Park Conservation Area is a planning application (ref. 20/02406/RG3) by Homes for Lambeth, a housing company wholly owned by LB Lambeth, to demolish the buildings known as Ropers Walk, a part of the Estate, and rebuild to a greater height and increased density. The Society has objected. An edited version appears on the Lambeth planning website. Here is our objection in full [PDF]

What we do

The Society, through its elected Committee, considers that, if the Society is to play any part in the democratic local planning process it needs to be able to express views on behalf of the Society and to do so transparently. The weekly lists of applications issued by Lambeth and Southwark Councils are monitored and where it is felt that a comment might be called for, the application is referred to the Society’s planning group. Once a response is agreed the Society puts in an objection, a comment in support or says nothing. The vast majority of planning applications are not controversial and do not call for comment. The Society welcomes views expressed by members on planning issues.