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Licensing: job description

Area of interest
The role covers applications for premises and related licences in both Lambeth and Southwark, as well as the operation and wider impact of establishments operating with such licences.

* To help ensure that licence applications would meet the objectives set out in the Licensing Act 2003.
* To help ensure that the licensing policies of Lambeth and Southwark are fully complied with; and to contribute to the consultations on any changes proposed to these policies.
* To help, support and respond to Society members and other local residents having concerns about licensing issues in our area.

* To monitor the local press and other information sources for licence applications.
* To consider and, where appropriate, comment on the possible impact on the local environment and the amenity of residents and others likely to be affected were a licence application to be granted.
* Where appropriate, to draft a submission expressing the Society’s views on an application and circulate the draft to the members of the Planning and Licensing Group for comment/approval before sending to the appropriate Borough.
* To respond to residents and others who are concerned about any negative impacts of an establishment operating under a premises licence. This may involve advising about action they could take; or drawing these concerns to the attention of the appropriate Borough Licensing Officers.
* Where appropriate, to attend meetings of the relevant Borough Licensing Sub-Committee where an application or license review to which the Society has responded is being heard. If necessary, make an oral presentation to such meetings to reinforce any of the points made in the original submission.
* To comment on any proposed amendments or changes to Southwark or Lambeth licensing policies.
* To keep the Society Committee informed of licensing developments and to write short reports for the Magazine and Committee meetings.

Desirable competencies
* It would be helpful to have some knowledge of the appropriate legislation and Lambeth and Southwark licensing policies. However this can be gained ‘on the job’.
* Good written and verbal communication skills would also be useful.
* Anyone taking on this role should have the time to be able to undertake the above activities.

Apart from the monitoring role, time demands are intermittent and only apply when a licence application is made or a licence review is initiated.

If you are interested in taking on this important role, please get in touch with us via our Contact us page

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