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As part of the reduction of bus activity around Oxford Street involving changes to many bus routes, the No 3 route previously running to Oxford Circus now terminates in Trafalgar Square as of 15 July 2017.

It is intended that the No 3 route be extended to Russell Square in 2019.

Herne Hill Station

Destination board showing delays

The re-organisation of access to the Herne Hill railway is proceeding. It will be accessed from the existing ticket hall, or step free through the new opening opposite the piano (where the newsagent used to be). The new ticket office itself, with two windows, will be to the right as you enter from Station Square, with a cafe ahead of you in the previously unused space behind the old ticket office. Completion is planned for July 2017.

Southeastern’s MD David Statham says:.“It’s great to see the new Herne Hill station starting to take shape. I hope the local community will see lots of change for the better at the station over this summer.”

Denmark Hill Station

The Herne Hill Society has been involved in a joint approach – co-ordinated by the Camberwell Society, and also involving the Dulwich Society and the SE5 Forum – to press the station operator GTR to investigate measures to ease the problems.

The station was redesigned and upgraded to ensure accessibility in a programme that concluded in 2013. But contrary to the expectations of many residents and station users, the redesign left it with only one entrance / exit, with the temporary access from Windsor Walk on the north side of the station removed after the access bridge and lifts were completed.

The works were completed just before the introduction of the TfL London Overground service linking Clapham, Peckham and Dalston. This new service has resulted in the passenger flows through the station increasing by over a half from 3.7 million in 2012/13, to 5.6 million in 2014/15. The station is now one of the busiest in south-east London with a mix of local residents commuting, interchanging passengers, and staff and visitors travelling to King’s and Maudsley hospitals.

A meeting was held between the local societies and representatives of GTR one evening in early June. All agreed there was a congestion problem, with arriving and departing passengers crowding the ramp and stairs, especially when two trains arrived at the same time.  While the staff do their best to keep passengers moving through the ticket gates, passengers queuing to buy tickets add to the crowding in the entrance. A proposal for a one-way passenger flow system was generally considered both unworkable, and to need extra staff. There was strong agreement that the best solution was to re-introduce the previous temporary entrance from Windsor Walk as a permanent feature, with the ticket gates remotely monitored from the main concourse. The challenge is now to build the consensus between the various interested parties, to develop a costed design, and to look down the back of the various corporate sofas for the money needed. Officially, the capital investment plans are fixed for the next few years, and the next rolling programme is some way off, but it is hoped that there is scope to combine funds from the operator, perhaps National Rail, and possibly TfL.

Townley Road Quietway

The SUSTRANS Consultation on the proposed Turney Road/Carlton Avenue ‘Quietway’ has not gone down well… The design decision has been withdrawn to allow for designs to be revisited, with full consultation with residents.

Reader Comments

Posted by Ted Brown November 09, 2015

Can you verify and refer me to your statement that a local road closure “has been crucial to the continuing regeneration of Herne Hill” as quoted by Andrew Gilligan, London Cycling Commissioner, in today’ London Evening Standard free newspaper (page 14, 9th November)?  Incidentally, though as a motorist I agree that the current closure of Loughborough Junction is temporarily inconvenient, as both a pedestrian and a cyclist, I support the new projects long-term benefits in creating a more pleasant environment, greater road safety, lowered life-threatening, dirty pollution and reduced noise.

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