News: The Junction Project

An integrated scheme to regenerate Herne Hill

The “Junction Project” has been crucial to the continuing regeneration of Herne Hill. Without it, there could not have been a weekly market. It has been such a success that it now seems strange that it attracted so much controversy during the planning phase.

Herne Hill Junction Autumn 2010

The main features of the project were:

* Closing and pedestrianisation of the end of Railton Road
* Southbound traffic out of Dulwich Road turning right into Norwood Road
* One-way traffic northbound in Hurst Street and southbound in Rymer Street
* Designing out illegal and dangerous vehicle movements
* A slip road to improve traffic flow between Norwood Road and Dulwich Road
* Speed tables and surface treatment of the slip road to ensure that all vehicles travel along it slowly
* An additional bus lane southbound in Norwood Road and a northbound bus stop in Norwood Road
* Light-controlled crossings of all roads at the Junction
* An additional pedestrian crossing in Milkwood Road
* Forward cycle stop lines throughout the Junction
* Many more cycle racks
* An open space, to provide an a link between Herne Hill centre and the Park; and to make it safer for people entering and leaving at events
* High-quality townscape design throughout
* Additional parking bays and more short-term parking
* Parking provision for people with disabilities
* Additional tree planting in Railton Road

What’s left to be done?

* Widening and other improvements to Brockwell Passage to make it safer and more pleasant for pedestrians: see Brockwell Passage

Reader Comments

Posted by Jane Roden August 21, 2012

The phasing of the lights turning left from Dulwich Rd to Herne Hill causes problems for both car drivers and pedestrians. Traffic turning left is frequently sitting on the junction while held on a red at the jct with Milkwood Rd. This is dangerous for pedestrians who get a green man to cross the lights under the bridge at the same time and dodge between stationary cars.

Two lanes of traffic are permitted to turn left from Dulwich Rd. It would be much safer and less frustrating if only the left-hand lane could turn right and both the other lanes had to turn right.

North from Norwood Rd, 2 lanes feed into one and a half lanes under the bridge - and then a joker races down the left hand lane to get over the yellow box so there can be 3 cars trying to filter through.  This appears to happen because the lights at Milkwood Rd and Half Moon Lane are not phased to allow a smooth flow of traffic.

I understand that it used to be the case that southbound traffic flow had preference over northbound, hence the phasing of the lights.  Is this still the case?

Posted by Colin Wight June 11, 2013

The traffic lights were re-phased, thanks to the efforts of my colleague Bil Harrison.

Posted by Colin Wight October 05, 2013

I see that the traffic lights at the Norwood Road end of Croxted Road now have timers to tell pedestrians how long they have to cross safely.

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