Brockwell Passage

Nearly all the major work on the Junction Project was finished back in 2010. But there remains one important thing to be done: widening and upgrading Brockwell Passage. This would significantly improve what is a very unprepossessing alleyway. It would also enhance access between the station and the buses in Dulwich Road, increase footfall to the benefit of Dulwich Road shops and provide a potential space for expanding the very successful Sunday markets in Railton Road.

Below is a plan of the current layout of Brockwell Passage, with its rather unpleasant blind corner that is not improved by its use as an outdoor urinal.

Plan for widening Brockwell Passage

As a result of our urging action by Lambeth, an approach to Transport for London resulted in their agreeing to pay the £115,000 needed.

To widen the passage, it has been necessary for Lambeth to buy a strip of land, about 1.5 metres wide, from the freeholders. The approval of leaseholders for the consequential rebuild of part of their properties was also needed.

The long delays in the project have meant that the original planning approval lapsed, and another application has had to be submitted to Lambeth. We expect a decision in early September.

Once these issues are out of the way, work can start. However, a number of alterations have to be made to the building at the north end of the Passage that houses the betting shop, with a flat above. The betting shop owners have decided they wish to organise this themselves rather than rely on Lambeth’s contractors. Under the terms of their contract with Lambeth, the owners can do this and have six months to complete the work. Then the main work to widen the Passage can begin. We hope they will get this done much more quickly, otherwise completion may well not happen until next summer; and we’ve already waited long enough. Work on the passage was supposed to have been done in autumn 2011!

Reader Comments

Posted by Alan November 05, 2013

The traffic northbound along Norwood Road is ridiculous. There needs to be a secondary lane (possibly a bus lane) starting from Tulse Hill. I’m currently sat in traffic the same as every morning where my bus has moved from the Tulse Hill junction to just before the corner of Brockwell Park in 30 minutes.

As much as people will oppose it, the right thing to do is cut into Brockwell Park. As it stands the footpaths are too small, there is an obnoxiously large cycle lane for about 20 metres before disappearing, and the flow of traffic is literally non-existent. The park is more than big enough to accommodate another lane of traffic there.

Posted by John Brunton November 11, 2013

Rush-hour traffic hold-ups in Norwood Road seem worse. And the footpaths are too narrow. However, the suggested solution would be impracticable.

A small area of park was taken as an essential part of the Regeneration Project. There was fierce opposition from some to even this small change that only affected a redundant area of park and dilapidated structures. Felling many very attractive mature trees and losing a large area of the park itself to widen Norwood Road would cause serious opposition from park interests and others. As well as cost considerations there would be issues of losing Metropolitan Open Land and a Grade 2-listed feature. I’m sure Transport for London, GLA members and local politicians would not want to press for the suggested changes in the light of serious local opposition and the high costs that would be involved.

I will ask the Society’s Transport Correspondent to look into the reasons for the Norwood Road hold-ups and suggest possible solutions.

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