A Brockwell Boy

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About this book

A Brockwell Boy

A Brockwell Boy is the entertaining memoir of a sharp-witted and observant child before, during and just after World War 2. It will delight anyone who enjoys a visit to Brockwell Park.

Highlights include

* descriptions of the army searchlight emplacement near Brockwell Hall, and other war defence installations including air raid shelters scattered around the Park and the barrage balloon emplacements
* the early days of Mr Fry’s Tea Room in Brockwell Hall, where “many a romance blossomed”
* the personalities who gathered at Speakers’ Corner
* the destruction of a temporary theatre in the Park by a V1 flying bomb
* the building of the Lido, partly in response to infections caught by people swimming and playing in the ponds
* the ceremonial weekly winding up of the Clock which stood (and now, restored, still stands) outside Brockwell Hall
* the boys’ skirmishes with the ever-vigilant Park Keepers, in their distinctive uniforms.

Originally published in 2000, this new, fully-revised edition of A Brockwell Boy features 54 pages, with many illustrations and original line drawings.

Written by Jeffrey Rumble
Drawings by Jeffrey Rumble
Book design by Sophia Marsh
Cover design by Laurence Marsh and Sophia Marsh

The Herne Hill Society gratefully acknowledges the support of Oliver Burn Estate Agents, Herne Hill, for this publication.

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2017 | 54 pages | Illustrated | ISBN: 978-0-9540323-2-6
£3.50 | Trade terms available

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No-one who loves the Park should miss this opportunity to see how it was 70 or 80 years ago.

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