What is the Herne Hill Society?

Herne Hill is the area of south London that corresponds to the postal district SE24. Our Society was founded nearly 40 years ago. It what is known as an “amenity society”: an independent charity funded by members’ subscriptions, and democratically run by annually elected volunteers.

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What we do

* Publish items of local interest online and in our acclaimed Herne Hill magazine… Read more->
* Publish and sell books and maps about Herne Hill and neighbouring areas… Read more->
* Comment on planning applications and local developments… Read more->
* Make small grants to projects of benefit to Herne Hill and its residents… Read more->
* Promote improvements to local amenities…

We are members of

* The London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies
* Lambeth Local History Forum
* National Council of Voluntary Organisations

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Why not join us? The annual cost is a maximum of £10.00 per household, and you will receive Herne Hill magazine four times a year.

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We publish the Herne Hill Society Blog and are active on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Herne Hill Society website has been selected for preservation by the British Library as part of the work of the UK Web Archiving Consortium.